Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RSPBA upgrades OMPB to Grade 1

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association -- host of the World Pipe Band Championships each year -- has recently decided to upgrade Oran Mor to Grade 1 for the 2009 season. In 2008, the band competed in Grade 1 in North America, but was not approved for an upgrade in Scotland.

Oran Mor at the Queen Mary Highland Games -
Their first Grade 1 win in North America

Click here to read the pipesdrums article in regards to the RSPBA's 2008 decision.

"As a band who has always made a point to set the bar as high as possible for itself, Oran Mor is thrilled at the opportunity to play in Grade 1 at the Worlds - the absolute pinnacle of Pipe Band competition. Many bands don't make it out of the qualifying heat in the morning, but we will make it our goal to put on a good enough performance to do so," said Pipe Major Andrew Douglas. "Relative to other Grade 1 bands around the world, we are young and quite inexperienced. However, we consider ourselves a very hard-working and determined band that is ready for this challenge."

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