Saturday, August 15, 2009

World Pipe Band Championships

Well, we didn't qualify, but we played great.

It was pouring rain. Maureen fell in a mud-puddle. We were third on the morning.

But, nonetheless, an outstanding musical performance. I believe we tied for 11th overall in the Qualifier. Only 5 spots away from making the final.

Thanks to all those who got up at 4am to watch us play online! We appreciate your support greatly.

Congratulations to us, and to all of the other Grade 1 bands that made for an excellent contest.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perth Highland Games, Scotland (!!!)

What a day!

We took FOURTH place in our Grade 1 debut in Scotland, edging out bands such as Manawatu, and the Band Club!

1st: Strathclyde
2nd: Inverary and District
3rd: Triumph St.
4th: Oran Mor

Here's a YouTube of our performance.

World Championships, here we come!