Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RSPBA upgrades OMPB to Grade 1

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association -- host of the World Pipe Band Championships each year -- has recently decided to upgrade Oran Mor to Grade 1 for the 2009 season. In 2008, the band competed in Grade 1 in North America, but was not approved for an upgrade in Scotland.

Oran Mor at the Queen Mary Highland Games -
Their first Grade 1 win in North America

Click here to read the pipesdrums article in regards to the RSPBA's 2008 decision.

"As a band who has always made a point to set the bar as high as possible for itself, Oran Mor is thrilled at the opportunity to play in Grade 1 at the Worlds - the absolute pinnacle of Pipe Band competition. Many bands don't make it out of the qualifying heat in the morning, but we will make it our goal to put on a good enough performance to do so," said Pipe Major Andrew Douglas. "Relative to other Grade 1 bands around the world, we are young and quite inexperienced. However, we consider ourselves a very hard-working and determined band that is ready for this challenge."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Training is a Success!

The Oran Mor Pipe Band had its Spring Training Workshop in Saratoga Springs, NY this past weekend.

It started off with a Concert on the Friday night at Saratoga's Abundant Life Church. Oran Mor Played most of their expansive repertoire for the crowd, in a facility that was second to none.

Saturday and Sunday had classes all day with the members of OMPB. A wide range of topics were covered, for all types of pipe band musicians - and pipe band organizers!

Saturday night, we put on a great Ceilidh featuring Matt Kelly the DJ, celtic singer Kevin McKrell, and stand-up comedian Matt MacArthur!

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

it's about that time...

Today (Monday, April 6) is the date that all snail-mail registrations for the Oran Mor Spring Training Workshop need to be postmarked by. So, get your butts to the post office sometime today!

But, for those who just don't have the time, we will be leaving ONLINE REGISTRATION and PayPal payment active until Wednesday, April 15 - oh, the wonders of technology!

Register here: http://www.oranmorpipeband.com/Registration.html

Any questions, contact Stephanie (richter.stephanie@gmail.com) or Eric (eric.macneill@gmail.com)